A great way of getting to meet any agent is when you are doing a loan for a client and they are involved on behalf of the buyer or seller. You have the perfect excuse to start talking to them and proving you are a top performer. I would always take the opportunity to introduce myself to every agent involved in the transaction and keep them directly and regularly informed of the progress.You may need to get your client’s permission to do this, but I’m sure they will be happy for you to handle the agents for them.

The benefit of doing this is that you are essentially auditioning for a referral relationship with that agent in the future by exceeding their expectations in the service you provide. You are making the transaction an easy one for them where they don’t have to chase up the Broker to see where the loan is at (you can also find out if this isn’t an agent you want to work with if they are unreasonably demanding).

You can prove to them that you are reliable, effective and responsive — much better than just telling them you are. As the loan draws to a close and things have gone well, you can then push for a meeting, which will be a lot warmer than if you just called out of the blue.

The exact same process holds true for any party related to a loan that you are doing. It could be an accountant who has recommended they get a cheaper loan, the financial planner who is getting them to borrow to invest in shares or the builder they are buying a granny flat from. The fact you are involved shows that these businesses have clients who have need of your services so be sure to take the opportunity of this loan to get to know them.

Another way to get a conversation started is to let them know that as a Mortgage Broker in their local area, in the future you expect to have clients who need their services so you would like to meet with them. If you can genuinely position your business as one that refers your clients to others, then you must find out about the businesses you may be referring them to.

So I would call up all your local real estate agents, letting them know that as a Broker you come across people planning to sell who haven’t decided on an agent yet and you’d like to get to know who is around so you can make an informed recommendation. The same process holds true for other types of professional referrers.

However you do it, the purpose of this first step is just so they get to know you, and you them. Then you want to find out as much as you can about their business to see what they need that you can provide. It doesn’t need to be directly related to home loans, we are just trying to determine what they need and how their business works so we can determine how we can be of use to them, and in return get referrals.

The reason you have met with them before trying to get them on as a referral partner is that building a relationship takes time, and if it starts with you trying to understand them, it has a far better chance of producing results.

Never lose a lead again

When you have a referrer in place, you need to keep them updated, just as you should with your clients.

To back up your personal communication, AFG has a system called LYNK which provides lead distribution and ongoing feedback to your referrers.



So not only does LYNK help you work more efficiently, it also allows you to easily maintain your relationships with business partners and customers.

Referrers send leads through electronically and the lead will be loaded into your CRM so there is no need to double handle contact details or risk losing that scribbled sticky note with a potential client’s details again.

The LYNK system can be used for any referrer regardless of whether they are paid commission by you or not. And once set up, your referrers can easily access the LYNK system via PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. They will be able to track the status of their leads from initial contact through to loan settlement, so there is no need to manually send updates.

And LYNK will keep your prospective clients in the loop too. Clients will receive an automated email from the referrer letting the client know they have been referred to you and it will provide your contact details to let the client know they will be receiving your call.

LYNK is a professional and efficient system that also serves as your own referrer register by listing every referrer you have a relationship with, and recording every lead they have entered. This will help you keep on top of your leads and will help you meet your referrer register obligations under NCCP.