Below is an excerpt from an article (March 9th 2017) in the Adviser about Ian Robinson who won the NSW Broker of the Year from The Adviser’s Better Business Awards.

This caught my attention because what he is diligently doing is one of the key methods I provide systems and assistance with for the brokers that work with me:


To excel in their regional broking business, Mr Robinson said that he and Mr Sewell prioritise including quality content in their fortnightly newsletter to their clients.

“We do it every fortnight, religiously. We do all our own research, and it’s all written by us, so there’s no regurgitation of any other material from third parties. And that makes the newsletters a little bit more unique and distinct.

We try to bring in a lot of different elements to it as well. We use financial content, which is really important, but that can also be a little dry, so we find that human interest stories get a lot of engagement – talking about case studies and other farmers and what they’re doing and achieving.

“When you put those two elements together it seems to work really well.”

Their efforts pay off as according to Mr Sewell the newsletter has 4,400 subscribers and generates significant enquiry and feedback from customers.

“They come back in, they ring us or they email us. It certainly creates new opportunities for us in terms of engagement, but it’s really more about opening up dialogue and humanising our business in the market.”


Targeted, meaningful and ongoing followup is critical, and that is exactly what I can assist you with. This is exactly what I’m talking about when I discuss becoming a ‘Visible Expert’ to your target market.