The 2nd most common way clients choose a broker

The most common way clients choose a broker is through personal recommendations, whether that is from their friends who have used you or know about or your formal referral partners like real estate agents and accountants. This is your offline reputation, how many people know about you and recommend you… Read more

The Truth about Mortgage Broking

The truth about mortgage broking is that it isn’t a finance business.  If you run your business purely focused on the finance aspect of it, you will struggle. It’s also not a ‘making people’s dreams come true’ business, ‘helping people buy homes’ business, a ‘saving money’ business or ‘selling home… Read more

Limited number of brokers

In my webinar (and the shortened video) I mentioned that I can only work with a limited number of brokers. I genuinely want to give the first brokers to join me an exclusive marketing advantage. So I have set a limit of no more than 3% of the brokers in… Read more

Broker of the Year flourishing in tough regional market

Below is an excerpt from an article (March 9th 2017) in the Adviser about Ian Robinson who won the NSW Broker of the Year from The Adviser’s Better Business Awards. This caught my attention because what he is diligently doing is one of the key methods I provide systems and assistance… Read more

How to be seen as a home loan expert without saying a word

The single most important thing a broker can do is to instigate a real conversation with someone about home loans. Without that conversation nothing is ever likely to happen. Its the difference between making a $2,500 upfront commission plus trails, or making nothing. We all know from experience that telling… Read more

Here is the single big takeaway from our webinar

(If you haven’t yet watched our full webinar, just go to to book in.)   The big takeaway from our webinar that you may have watched recently is that I have answered this problem that we all face: “I need to spend more time working on my business and less time… Read more