Partnership Marketing (Part 2)

As well as what I discussed in my last post, there are even more ways I help you with your partnership marketing. I’ll just use Real Estate Agents as the example, but the same holds true with other referrer types. As always, its about integrating yourself into their business in… Read more

The Top 10 Techniques with Greatest Marketing Impact

The below image is taken from a study of over 500 firms which separated them into High Growth or Low Growth based on their last 12 months of revenue growth, with High Growth firms on average twice as profitable as Low Growth firms.​​​​​​​ The green bars show the top 10… Read more

Does your ‘Brand’ produce more clients?

A lot of brokers want to build their ‘Brand’, but I think they often don’t know what that means and how that will produce more clients.   Your brand isn’t your business name, logo, slogan or the colour scheme and imagery you use across all your marketing. Your brand is… Read more

A simple way to re-energise past clients

When brokers with an existing client base join me – as well as going out to their personal network as I described yesterday – they need a reason to get back in touch with your old clients and get them interested in their services again. The problem for most brokers is, they… Read more