3 last tips to get the most from your sale

1.  Select an agent you are confident in. Selling a house is a trying process and you want to put your trust in the right hands.

2.  Pick your timing. Spring can showcase the best your property has to offer, but there are also an abundance of properties to compete with. If you’re smart about when you put your house on the market it could be out of your hands in no time.

3.  Be realistic about price. Do this from the start and you’ll have a better idea of how much to invest in the selling process.

And that’s about it! Everything will fall into place when you know what you have to offer, and who is likely to want it. For example:

  • $ Is your house perfect for growing families?
  • $ Does it provide a low-maintenance lifestyle for retired couples who love to travel?
  • $ Is there a window seat for rainy Sunday afternoons in, reading a book?
  • $ Is there a brilliant outdoor entertaining area?
  • $ Are you within easy walking distance to a train station — ideal for working professionals?

Each house has a hook, something that will make it memorable for buyers as they think back over the dozens of properties they’ve looked at so far. Play to the strengths of the property and the right buyer will find you.

Important: When thinking about selling you home, this is the best time to speak to a mortgage broker about your home loan options. It is highly likely that you will get a better loan by using a mortgage broker to assess thousands of loan options for you, than just talking to your existing lender.