Mortgage Australia is in the business of organising mortgages, but even more so we are in the business of helping families become debt free.

We do this through actively managing client’s mortgages at all stages of their property portfolios (even if they are first home buyers) and giving them the best advice to keep their hard earned money in their pocket, and not the banks.

One of the tools we use to help us do this for our clients is our Low Rate Forever Service™

So what is The Low Rate Forever Service™?

Essentially, once you become a Mortgage Australia client, we have your mortgage situation continually monitored to ensure you are always in the best possible low cost loan for your situation.

Even when you have multiple properties with multiple loans from different lenders!

This is how our system works:

The Low Rate Forever Service™:

  1. Monitors your loan situation and current interest rates.
  2. Monitors available offers from qualified and reputable lenders on the market.
  3. Annually we negotiate for a better rate with your current lender by notifying them of the comparable loan options from other lenders available to you.
  4. Alerts your Mortgage Australia broker if your current lender becomes uncompetitive compared to options from other lenders and there is an opportunity for a significantly cheaper loan product.
  5. Your broker analyses the alert and your personal situation closer to see if it’s worth taking action taking into account any switching costs.
  6. If it’s a valid opportunity, your broker contacts you and explains the situation.
  7. With your consent the broker then applies for the loan on your behalf and deals with all the time consuming annoying details of a loan application. As your details are already saved in our system it will only require a quick check with yourself for any changes. For example, you may need to update some documents like payslips and latest loan statements.
  8. Your broker transfers your loan to the new lender and updates you with the details for you to start making the payments to the new lender.
  9. After this process, the LRFS™ is again activated and will now monitor the new loan against the market.

So what exactly are the benefits of this system?

Well, imagine if you could pay your mortgage off in half the usual time without paying any more than your current minimum repayments by simply putting your mortgage on autopilot.

When you get a Mortgage Australia broker to refinance your current mortgage, or set up your first home loan, you will usually see the most significant savings, often around the $300-$400 a month mark depending on your situation.

However, our LRFS™ will then continually chip away at making your mortgage cheaper and cheaper as the years pass by keeping you in the lowest cost situation possible.

This is just one of the ways we make sure you are building wealth quicker.

The other way we are able to help build wealth is advising you how to build a significant property portfolio alongside having the ARS™ activated. We can do this even if you think you may not have enough money to invest.

Our team of brokers across Australia are able to help out at any stage of your mortgage life cycle and advise on how to build a property portfolio in the fastest possible time.

If you feel like this is something you are looking to and it feels right for you, simply find your local Mortgage Australia Broker using the search box below and contact them directly.