A letter from David Ham, the founder and Managing Director of the Mortgage Australia Group.

Thank you for considering Mortgage Australia, I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to getting your next home loan.

I believe that the question you are now faced with is:

“Who can I trust has the expertise and that I know will work in my best interests?”

In terms of expertise, your local Mortgage Australia Broker is part of the lending group that organises one of every 10 home loans in Australia every month, uses multi-million dollar software to compare hundreds of lender offers in real-time, and has the support of over 170 hand picked support staff to help them provide the most professional Mortgage Broking service in the nation.

The harder part of the question is knowing whose interests are most closely aligned with your goal of an inexpensive home loan with the features suitable for you.

14 years ago I established the Mortgage Australia Group to answer this very question and to ensure the goal of each local Mortgage Australia Broker is matched to the best outcome for their clients.

Simply put, what is best for you is best for us.

The best outcome for your local Mortgage Australia Broker is that you get a great loan, tell your friends and family about how fast and easy it was, and their business grows as a result. Everybody wins.

When you go to a bank you are dealing with an institution that will make more money the more expensive your loan is and the longer you take it pay it off. It is not in their financial interest to make you aware of their best loan offers (and definitely not to make you aware of better competitor offers).

On the other hand, in almost all cases your local Mortgage Australia Broker is paid exactly the same amount whether you get that bank’s most expensive or cheapest loan. Not only that, we show you in writing what the major lenders pay us for organising your loan – complete transparency.

However, the biggest reason you should let us earn your trust is that the continued success of every single local Mortgage Australia Broker’s business depends on them creating and maintaining a great reputation in their own neighbourhood. And we can only achieve that by consistently getting great results for our local customers.

Every single local Mortgage Australia Broker knows that if they get a bad reputation in their local area they will be out of business very quickly.

Unlike us, a broker who writes loans all over the city doesn’t have a real investment in building a good name in your suburb, but we definitely do. Even the bank managers and mobile lenders of your local bank branch are regularly moved to different branches and positions and simply don’t have a long-term stake intheir local communities like a truly local business does.

And for me personally, I don’t just sit back and assume everything will work out perfectly. We also employ a third party auditing firm to formally audit each of our local Mortgage Brokers every year. In addition, after every loan is completed you will receive a Customer Satisfaction Survey to request your feedback so I can be sure every local Mortgage Australia Broker is constantly working to our highest standards.

I am pleased to say that over the past 14 years I have received only 7 phone calls with negative feedback after many thousands of settled home loans. But I have received hundreds of positive phone calls and emails complementing my team of local Mortgage Brokers.

We hope you will choose us for your next home loan.

Warm Regards

David Ham

Managing Director